The ANKR Story

Meet the Founder

ANKR Brands was born from a heart-pounding moment on a ski lift. The exhilaration of snowboarding collided with the fear of losing a phone, and our Founder, (Your Name), knew there had to be a better way. The search for a solution revealed a gap in the market – existing options compromised quality, functionality, or affordability. It was time to step up.

Meet the Founder

Have you ever been worried about dropping your phone when you're out adventuring? What about when you're a boat with nothing but 20 feet of ice cold water between you and the bottom of the lake if you just so happen to drop it while filming your friend trying to nail a 360 on a surfboard? Or maybe when you're trying to get that picture perfect ski lift selfie, but you're 30 feet in the air with a foot of fresh powder on the ground that doesn't need any magic words to make your phone disappear for good? Or (and girls we know you can relate to this one) when your jean manufacturer still doesn't understand that nobody likes tiny pockets, so even if you try to put your phone in there it's still basically guaranteed to fall out because it's already sticking out 3/4ths of the way anyways?

Yeah, same...

Dropped Phone

The Problem

You see, nobody wants to drop or lose their phone while doing what they love, especially not us. The problem is that there hasn't really been a great solution. Most phone lanyards and phone straps that exist are either super cheap, way too boujee for adventuring, or made with rubber straps that block half your screen.

The Solution

Enter ankr. We decided to take the problem into our own hands and create the best Phone Lanyard on the market. Our lanyards and inserts are made with high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting use. The lightweight and comfortable design make them enjoyable to wear, providing a hassle-free experience throughout your day, whether you're exploring new adventures, capturing the perfect picture, or just running errands. But it's not just about practicality – we also make sure our phone lanyards are fashion-forward and personally expressive, just for you.


Everyone has passions, and nobody wants to be held back from them. We believe that you can experience those moments without having to leave your phone behind or be stressed about dropping it the entire time. Ultimately, we are here to help you passion forward. Our goal is to make sure that you can pursue your passions and do what you love, uninterrupted.

Welcome to the ankr family! #PassionForward

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