Girls using ANKR phone straps ANKR Phone Lanyard Strap Display
Never drop your phone again!
Try an ANKR Phone Lanyard risk-free.
High Quality Materials
Polyester strap and insert, genuine leather loop, and metal clasp
Fits All Smartphones
Universal phone lanyard for all smartphones with a full-coverage case
Compatible with Wired and Wireless Charging
Perfect for Adventures and Everyday Use

ANKR vs Others

ANKR Phone Lanyards

Cheap Amazon Brands

Other Premium Brands

High Quality Materials

Fits All Smartphones

Compatible with Wired and Wireless Charging

Doesn't Obstruct Screen

Under $30

90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

1-Year Warranty

  • Girl wearing an ANKR Phone Lanyard


    Our designs are classy and fun, and we offer a variety of styles so you can pick one that matches you.

  • ANKR Phone Lanyard with Travel Accessories


    Whether you’re going someplace exotic or adventuring in your backyard, a phone lanyard is going to be your new favorite travel accessory.

  • High Quality ANKR Phone Lanyard


    We use the highest quality materials so that you never have to worry about dropping your phone, no matter what you’re up to.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact you?

Contact us anytime at We’ll be sure to respond within 24 hours!

What materials are your phone lanyards made of?

ANKR phone lanyards are made from high-quality materials including a polyester strap, genuine leather loop, and metal clasp. The phone inserts are made of a single piece of durable, ultra-thin nylon fabric with a metal loop.

Which phones are ankr phone straps compatible with?

Our phone lanyards are universally compatible with all smart phones (including Samsung, Google Pixel, iPhone, Motorola, etc.) that have a full coverage case. No need to buy something new when you upgrade your phone or get a new case.

Will I still be able to charge my phone with the insert in?

Absolutely! Our inserts are made of durable, ultra-thin nylon fabric that keeps your charging port accessible at all times, and it does not interfere with wireless charging, so you will always be set with a full battery without any hassle.

Why did you start ANKR?

ANKR Brands was born out of a desire to relieve the stress of dropping your phone that can come when you’re out adventuring, especially during activities like skiing, hiking, and paddleboarding. Some options existed, but they either got in the way of your screen or camera, were cheap and low-quality, or were way too expensive. Losing your phone is the last thing you should have to worry about when you’re trying to have fun, so we designed the ANKR phone lanyards to alleviate that pain in full confidence without having to break your bank.

Do you offer returns?

Yes, we offer free returns and our 60-day Money-Back guarantee on all sales.

What is your favorite design you’ve developed?

If we had to choose, it would probably be the Coastal! The inspiration for this design came from an aerial photo of the beach, and we loved the idea of taking those warm vacation days with you everywhere you go.